Just Say No to Faux: Sky Factory Virtual Skylights

skylight factory image

Skylights are wonderful things; they bring in natural light for free and can be part of a passive solar heating design. Or, they can be kilowatt-sucking imitations of the real thing "displaying terabytes of HD content in the structure of a full-size faux skylight, SkyV presents the essence of nature’s sky-events in vivid sequences."

More on virtual skylights, plus a roundup of other ridiculous stuff, below the fold.

charlton heston painting image

Seriously, if you want a pretty ceiling, hire Charlton Heston. Laying in three HDTVs during a time when we are supposed to be sucking less power is just silly.

Sky Factory via Dvice
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wallyisland image

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cat bowl liner image

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leaf blower hockey image

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