Junky Styling talks to BBC, Daryl Hannah meets Richard Branson, Greenpeace Get Frisky in the Forest, and More


BBC Thread: Junky Styling Interview
"The forward-thinking design team who have turned fashion on its head. Annika Sanders from Junky Styling discusses their unique approach to designing clothes. All their designs are made from second hand suits, shirts, woollen garments and vintage fabrics."

DH Love Life: Earth Prize by Daryl Hannah
Daryl visits Richard Branson at home in his own patch of the Carribbean - Necker Island. She finds out how Branson is making his island 100% carbon neutral, what he's doing with the profits from his airlines and what the Earth Prize is all about.
GreenTV: Forest Love by Greenpeace
"We all love the forests, and we would like to showcase all that love to the EU. The forests already have made an effort themselves! The European Commission has delayed a vital vote on protecting forests from illegal logging till September. We want to make sure the commissioners don't forget about it during their summer holiday. We need you to help us make an extra impression before the September vote."

Green Energy TV: Hydrogen Cars Compete in Cross Country Trip
"A group of zero-emission vehicles have completed a 13-day, U.S. cross-country road trip in which they used no gasoline."

Life Goggles: Carnival of the Green #142 by Adam
"Welcome to both new and regular readers, if you are new to Life Goggles then to sum us up, we basically do what it says along the top: green reviews, news and interviews. If you like what you see, sign up for our free weekly newsletter and/or our RSS feed over there on the right."

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