Jump into Untamed Adventure with Wild Recon

wild recon donald schultz photo

Image credit: DCL

As a child in South Africa, Donald Shultz didn't have much interest in video games or neighborhood soccer. Instead, he was wandering deep into the bush, searching for venomous snakes. Not too long after he became the youngest ever venomous snake handler at the world-famous Fitzsimons Snake Park.

Now, he travels the world tracking down the most elusive and dangerous species on planet to help collect specimens for scientific research.When Donald jumps out an ultra-light aircraft, onto the back of a giant crocodile, or into a tropical pool infested with deadly jellyfish, it is easy to lose sight of the science amidst the thrill. But, as Shultz explains, "This is not a stunt; this is my job."

Watch Wild Recon on Animal Planet.

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