Julius Shulman: Modernism Rediscovered


Since he began his career in 1936. Julius Shulman has been photographing the best in west coast architecture. Now, at age 97, he has produced Modernism Discovered, a big (think 29 pounds) and expensive (try 300 bucks, or for all the price-per-square-foot whiners, $10.34 per pound ) but is a wonder that is an absolute must for anyone interested in modern design.There are over 400 architectural projects in it, many of them forgotten gems.

Shulman's photographs concentrate on the connections between indoors and out: "The reason why this architecture photographs so beautifully is the environmental consideration exercised by the architects," he says in Metropolis, "It was the sense that here we have beautiful canyons, hillsides, views of the ocean. Everyone loves these photographs because the houses are environmentally involved, and this was before the emphasis on what everyone is calling green." Modernists everywhere, grab your handcart and get ::Modernism Rediscovered found at the soon-to-be-gone ::Ballenford Books

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