Julianne Moore Marches With Mom’s Clean Air Force (Video)

Actress Julianne Moore is on the campaign trail – not for a candidate but on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund's Mom’s Clean Air Force, an organization that brings mothers together to work for a clean and healthy environment for kids.

The actress, who plays Sarah Palin in the upcoming film, Game Change on HBO March 10 about John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, bears a striking resemblance to the former Governor of Alaska and VP candidate.

Moore notes that the Clean Air Act was signed by President Nixon and both Democrats and Republicans. But today air pollution legislation is under political attack by coal companies, she warns:

"Clean air should be above politics. The discussion about regulations to protect our air has gotten so polarized that we have forgotten an important thing: We all breathe the same air. We don't have to choose between a healthy economy and a healthy environment. We can have both. We can have what's best for all our children."

In the video Moore describes how her doctor warned her about eating mercury-laced tuna when she was pregnant with her two children and other health risks, such as asthma attacks triggered by smog. Referring to her children’s book series Freckleface Strawberry, Moore explains that her character turns into a monster to deal with "The Dodgeball Bully" – polluters are bullies, too. Roar.

Pollution is poisonous,” emphasizes the actress. Moore joins Gwyneth Paltrow and her mom actress Blythe Danner and boxer Laila Ali (Mohammed Ali’s daughter) in this effort to get the message to Washington. In her blog on the MCAF site, she explains: Every single scientist and doctor will tell you the same thing: Air pollution damages our children’s brains, their hearts, and their lungs.

“Being a good mom means being an active citizen,” she says, asking mothers and others watching. “Tell Congress: Listen to your mothers!”

Julianne Moore Marches With Mom’s Clean Air Force (Video)
The actress joined a gathering of mothers and daughters to fight toxic air, taking the message to Washington.