Julia Roberts' Dirty Secret, Julianne Moore Saves the Children, and More

Julia Roberts Curly Hair photo

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Oh how we love 'Hollywood's Pretty Green Woman' — Julia Roberts. The eco-friendly actress tries to always shops with re-usable canvas bags, preaches the evils of non-organic house cleansers and beauty products. Now, Julia's giving up showering in an effort to live a greener lifestyle. According to the Green Daily, the actress recently admitted she avoids showering in order to save on water! Her ex-bodyguard fueled the dirt, adding, "She likes the smell of her natural oils." Somehow we'd like to think, Julia hasn't totally eliminated cleaning up and just maybe her words were taken a bit too literally!

Jamie Foxx Ices Diamonds:

Jamie Foxx Faux Diamond Earrings photo
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The actor says "NO" to big diamond in his ears. Unlike some Hollywood types, who love to flaunt their sparkly, eye-blinding bling, Jamie boasts his gems are cubic zicornia (or fake). "I used to wear real diamonds, but there's too much issue about blood diamonds," reveals Foxx on the green site Sprig. Blood diamonds are associated with human rights abuse, enviromental damage, and terrorism. Brillant Earth offers conflict-free diamonds and is a good source for more information on the blood diamond trade.

Sophia Bush Wears Eco-gems:

Sophia Bush Goes Eco-Chic photo
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The One Hill Tree actress also rocks eco-gems. The actress wore a pair of Kimberly McDonald grey opal and diamond earrings to a recent NYC premiere. Not only are the stones made from organic materials, but a portion of all sales of Kimberly's Ursus Maritmus line is donated to the Conservation International. Plus, geodes make each piece one-of-a-kind. The glittering crystals are also said to have "powerful" energy. Geodes are believed to promote community and intellectual insight, as well help the wearer to love and let go of daily annoyances. In meditation, try and envision yourself small enough to sit inside your geode as form or purification and healing. Learn more: Kimberly McDonald

Julianne Moore's Big Heart:

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Julianne Moore is truly an actress who appreciates her success and genuinely wants to give back. The mother of two teaches her kids the importance of helping others and also living a "green" lifestyle. Julianne's latest charity effort is on behalf of Save the Children. She has spearheaded their Valentine's Day campaign, which aims to get kids involved in the effort to help kids in need. Kids can order special V-day cards online at Save The Children and the money spent will go to programs for kids in rural America. "We working to find new ways to engage kids in helping other kids, but even more extraordinary, would be for kids to engage adults — our leaders in government and in our communities — to begin a new age of opportunity for all kids to get an equal start in life," emphasizes Julianne.

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