Josh Fox Earns An Emmy For 'Gasland'

The Emmys passed again on Steve Carrell, now for the fifth time, for his service on "The Office," but the voters didn't miss when they awarded Josh Fox one of those little statues for Outstanding Direction for Nonfiction Programming for Gasland. The film was nominated for a Best Documentary Oscar earlier this year, but lost out to Inside Job.
Walking onto the stage, Fox, who is fresh off getting arrested at the Tar Sands Action at the White House and marching at the Marcellus Shale protest in Philly, was not shy about expressing his views. He looked into the camera and said: "President Obama, I hope you are paying attention. We cannot allow America to turn into a gas field."

Of course, as Treehugger readers know, that is exactly the road that we are on if action is not taken. The best reporting on this is from the NY Times' Ian Urbina, whose "Drilling Down" series can be found here. Urbina, who is under attack from the likes of Exxon, has been looking at the natural gas sector from all angels, including looking at price projections, the health costs to everyday Americans, and the climate impact.

Here's Josh talking about the tar sands. He's also hard at work on Gasland 2.

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