José González To Embark On Green Tour in Spring, in Partnership with Reverb


It looks like greening tours is all the new rage in the music world. Jack Johnson might have been the first one to do a green tour back in 2005. Recently Radiohead set an inspiring example by reducing their environmental impact when on tour by working with Best Foot Forward. Now, Mute Records has announced that José González is greening his North America Tour in spring this year. González is a Swedish indie folk singer-songwriter of Argentine descent whose first single ‘Heartbeats’ you probably know from the amazing Sony Bravia advert with the bouncy balls. González has teamed up with the non-profit organization Reverb, who educates and engages musicians and their fans to promote environmental sustainability. They work closely with artists to create earth-friendly events and tours. Artist they have been working with are the Beastie Boys, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews Band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jack Johnson to just name a few.

Regarding José González’ tour, Reverb has made sure all catering products are biodegradable. They are also working towards reducing the amount of waste by not using plastic water bottles. This will be achieved by providing the crew with re-usable water bottles to carry throughout the tour.

Another big part of the green project tour is the calculation of the CO2 footprint to offset the emissions from the venue energy use, ground transportation, flights and hotel accommodations by supporting clean renewable energy projects like NativeEnergy. Fans have the option to offset their travel to and from the shows by purchasing a custom José González sticker (the man also has some good drawing skills).

50 cent of each ticket sold will support Reverb's greening efforts and buyers have the option to add another 50 cents to NativeEnergy's CO2 Offset program.

Although we don’t dismiss offsetting carbon emissions, producing less CO2 in the first place would impress us even more. Let’s see if Radiohead manages to stick to their new year’s resolution to sea freighting their gear whenever they can, to fly as little as possible when touring, to give up chartered flights and instead, travel by road or rail.

José González’ tour begins on February 29th in Miami and ends on March 31st in Vancouver. Tickets are both on sale in the US and in Canada.

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