Jonathan Franzen Talks Population Growth, Conservation (Video)

Jonathan Franzen's fourth novel 'Freedom' is a fantastic book, and one that has resonated deeply with plenty of environmentally conscious folks. And for obvious reasons: The tome hits on population growth, mountaintop removal mining, invasive species, conservation, and more, primarily through the storyline of one of its main characters, environmentalist Walter Berglund. Recently, the mighty Grist held a benefit in New York City that featured a discussion with Franzen.

Here are a couple videos from the event, which feature the author discussing the thorny problem of population growth as well as his personal passion, bird conservation. Watch:

Here, he fields a question about a plot point in the novel that involves domestic cats killing wild birds -- a real-life problem indeed.

For a transcript of the rest of the talk -- which is worth a look for anyone who's read Freedom -- see the full piece in Grist.

Jonathan Franzen Talks Population Growth, Conservation (Video)
The author of the widely-acclaimed 'Freedom' discusses the environmental themes he addresses in that novel.

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