Jon Stewart's Outlook on BP Gulf Spill: "We're So F*$ked" (Video)


Well, a lot's happened this week in the ongoing, excruciating-to-watch saga of the BP Gulf spill -- we saw oil continue to lap up on miles of coastline, hundreds of birds put in danger, estimates of the spill's size double, BP's stock plummet (causing some to float the word 'bankruptcy'), we saw BP buy search terms like 'oil spill' online to inform the public ... about BP stock value, and we saw much more anger, chaos, and confusion. And we saw the oil continue to gush out of leaking hole in the Gulf. Here's what Jon Stewart had to say after seeing all of that:

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At this point, I hate to say that I can't help but agree with him. But it's certainly not I, or Jon Stewart, for that matter, who's, well, you know. It's the Gulf Coast, the wildlife that resides there, and everyone whose livelihood depends on it, that's fu$&ed.; But this whole ordeal -- with the huge scope of the disaster, BP's lack of transparency and callousness, the federal government's helplessness, and massive surfeit of confusion -- leaves all of us feeling generally fu**ed. And justifiably so.

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