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Think your family uses a lot of carbon? You’re probably right: in America, the average individual carbon footprint is nearly 25 tons per year. Multiply that by the number of people in your family, and you’re looking at a substantial environmental impact—but that’s still a drop in the bucket when compared to the footprint of the Gosselin family on Jon & Kate Plus 8. With twins and sextuplets—all under the age of 9—the Gosselins use more of, well, everything, from diapers and bottles to craft supplies and clothes. But this week, Renovation Nation host Steve Thomas breaks through the chaos to help the family become more eco-friendly; click through for a look at the changes he has in mind.While the family uses more than most, they have taken some green steps—mom Kate buys organic and shops at farmer’s markets when she can, but she’s also said that they use an entire loaf of bread at one lunch, and two dozen eggs or three boxes of cereal with about ½ gallon of milk at one breakfast. That’s no surprise—eight growing kids can eat a lot—and now the family can spend those meals outside, as Steve helps them use reclaimed wood for a new picnic table.

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Photo via TLC

Ten people use a lot of electricity; now the family can help cut their usage—and their bills—by harnessing the sun. In addition to solar-powered lights lining the driveway, Steve helps them add electric solar panels on the house and solar thermal panels for alternative heating.

Tune in Sunday, April 19 at 9 p.m. to see the other ways the Gosselins go green.

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