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The Wave at Stop Climate Chaos Coalition

This is a relatively benign stunt by the standards of the Stop Climate Change Coalition, which has stirred up excitement with a nude climate change calander and in the context of Copenhagen, where one group plans to get 10000 people arrested in a climate change protest. But it is cute, and fun, and certain to succeed at the intention to "drive traffic to where people can find out how to get involved in the march, as well as spread the word to friends and family". So what's it all about? The Wave is a march on London, planned for 5 December, just ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. It is also a video-extravaganza at the Wave website. Everyone is invited to film themselves, and some friends -- or some animals, or inanimate objects, your imagination is the limit -- and submit a short video to the organizers of The Wave. The videos stream across the home page for a continuous, if not coherent, constant rolling wave.

Even if you cannot join the march in London, or if you will be active some other way ahead of the COP 15, make a short film and join the video fun. Can you get more people into your wave than the Co-op of Manchester? Can you think up a more creative wave than the lego-man wave or the pirate wave? A better animal angle than Poppy the waving pony, or Mr. Bear? Cuter kids than Amaya, Matilda, Jasmine or Sacha? And kudos to the bike-waver for showing us the way. Submit your video, the more the merrier!

And if you can join in the march, check out the site to learn more. The Co-operative is chartering trains and coaches from 21 locations across the UK to take thousands of its members and customers to London to take part in The Wave.

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