Join the online Zerofootprint Party During Live Earth


Zerofootprint is inviting you to participate in something extraordinary. Tomorrow, join a group of world citizens and pledge to reduce your Environmental Footprint by 10%, in 1 year, at Zerofootprint's online event during Live Earth.

This party is happening at on 7/7/07 and is the kick-off to a global campaign, using the power of the Web, to engage citizens of the world around reducing their footprint. Let us show the world that together we can have as much positive impact on the planet as one large country.We are thousands of people who have jobs, disposable income and together represent an economy as large as one nation. This is a grass roots campaign. At its heart is the goZFP online platform, which for the first time ever, combines a global environmental footprint calculator, social networking tools, business intelligence software, green content and the power of the Web.

Partygoers can pledge and start using the platform now or later. In either case, participants calculate their carbon, land, tree and water footprint, are given tips on how to reduce it, are able to compare their behavior with other individuals or groups, and can form spontaneous groups that set environmental goals and track their success.

As individuals join, they can commit to certain goals and share these with their virtual friends. Individuals can pledge to reduce their travel emissions or commit to buying more local produce, for example.

The social networking aspects of goZFP will enable individuals to form spontaneous groups around these goals. For example, through the calculator's simulations, you might see the benefit of adding solar panels to your home and then pledge to do so. With this pledge you would be able to see others who have committed to the same goal. Together with these individuals you could form a solar purchasing group - goZFP then helps you manage, track and measure your collective impact.

Please invite your friends to this first-ever online event and spread the word by emailing this invitation to your own personal networks. Together we can make something remarkable happen.

Join the ZFP party on 07/07/07 at and make your mark on climate change.