Join Author Jason Czarnezki for a Live Discussion on TreeHugger, Today at 3pm Eastern

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Last month, TreeHugger and Island Press joined together to introduce BookHugger. Members got a discounted copy of Peter Calthorpe's Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change and the opportunity to talk with the author himself.

This month, BookHugger presents Everyday Environmentalism: Law, Nature, and Individual Behavior by Jason Czarnezki. Readers can order a discounted copy today to get ready for the live chat with Czarnezki on April 21 at 3pm eastern.TreeHugger Writer Matthew McDermott has already reviewed Everyday Environmentalism. This final discussion provides an opportunity for readers to ask questions about the book.

Watch live streaming video from treehuggerlive at

To participate in the conversation, simply bookmark this page. The live chat will take place in the window above. Questions and comments can be shared in the chat taking place below the video.

And don't forget, Everyday Environmentalism is available at a 30% discount to TreeHugger readers. Simply visit Island Press via this link and use the coupon code 2HUG.

This conversation is part of a series of live chats with authors, all part of our BookHugger Book Club. We'll announce the next book in our series soon, so you can have time to read it before our next chat.

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