Join Architect and Author Steve Mouzon For A Live Video Chat About The Original Green, Today at 2:30

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Architect, Author and New Urbanist Steve Mouzon, who I have been writing about and quoting since I learned about him in 2008, has been an inspiration his book, The Original Green, is a must-read. Join us at 2:30 Eastern.


Steve is not a fan of Gizmo Green; in my review of his book I wrote:

Mouzon rejects much of the conventional thinking about design and architecture, and certainly just about everything the mechanical engineers have to offer. He has little time for the profession as it currently operates.

Steve has written:

This notion that we can simply invent more efficient mechanisms, and throw in some bamboo to boot, is only a small part of real sustainability. First, we must build sustainable places, because it does not matter what the carbon footprint of a building is if you have to drive everywhere in order to live there. The four foundations of sustainable places are Nourishability, Accessibility, Serviceability, and Securability. Only after the place has been made sustainable does it make sense to discuss sustainable buildings. The first of the four foundations of sustainable buildings is Lovability, because it does not matter how efficiently the building performs if it is demolished and carted off to the landfill in a generation or two because it cannot be loved.

Join us Wednesday, April 27 at 2:30 Eastern for a Livestream video chat. If you have any questions you want Steve to answer, put them in the comments here.

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