Johnny Depp's Green Home, Dark Knight's Eco-blunders, Natalie Portman's Green Project Runway, and More

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...Alas, Johnny Depp is going public with his eco-lifestyle. A few years back, the super-private actor and hater of Hollywood excess bought a 35-acre Caribbean Island he endearingly named "F*ck Off Island." Now he's planning to have his "leave me alone" paradise run on clean energy. According to the Huffington Post, the actor is third in line to receive a grid-independent solar hydrogen system from Mike Strizki, the man who created the first solar- hydrogen house in the United States.
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...Pop phenom Miley Cyrus continues her do-good mission. She recently encouraged her fans to go green in her new eco-anthem "Wake Up." Now the pint-sized powerhouse wants her generation to pay attention to the plight of the bald eagle. Two 14-week old American bald eagles named by Miley and her father, Billy Ray, will be released into the wild today at the foothills of the Great Smoky mountains. Plenty of Miley's fans are expected to be there and watch the eagles take flight from their artificial nesting tower.

Dark Knight's Eco-Blunders:
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The Dark Knight is raking in major dough at the box office, but not everyone is pleased with the super-hero. During the movies nine-day November shoot in Hong Kong, the production earned a reputation as 'green monsters.' Producers asked 60 companies to light up the skyline from 5pm to midnight for a full week during filming. ..Most declined. The conservation group, Green Sense, protested the massive energy usage and suggested adding the lighting effect in post-production. Also, Hong Kong officials were upset by noise pollution from helicopters swooping overhead at 2am.
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Natalie Portman's Green Project Runway:

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Go-to-green gal Natalie Portman added her eco-sensibility to Project Runway. The actress/activist was a guest judge on last night's eco-challenge. Each of the contestants had to make a dress out of 'environmentally responsible' materials, such as hemp and organic silks. Portman knows a thing or two about fashion, besides her red carpet outings, she also designs a line of vegan shoes, Te Cesan. ...In case you care, a guy named Suede won last night's competition.

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Olivia Newton John's Green Deed:
Olivia Newton John wants her native Australians to air-dry their clothes. The singer, along with actor Matthew Rhys, hopes to motivate people via a campaign by Hills clothesline company to get folks to hang their clothes outside in the sun. "Hang out your clothes to dry...not the planet," adds Rhys.
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