Jobs in Alternative Energy Industries are Taking Off


There has never been a better time for an alternative-energy-loving TreeHugger to get a job, according to a story at internet job-finder We've been asked about this before, and have touched on getting a good job that does good as well. With the price of oil climbing ever skyward, clean energy alternatives to petroleum are growing like never before, and need smart, educated people to help them grow. "In 2006, we've made a switch: Alternative energy is no longer alternative," says Kevin Doyle, author of "The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers in the 21st Century" (available from Powell's Books and other booksellers). Careers in wind, solar, hydrogen, bioenergy and biofuels and even the federal government are more prolific than ever; the wide range of niches has something for just about anyone interested in alternative energy, according to the article. via ::AutoblogGreen