Jimmy Fallon Turns the Late Night Studio Green

Jimmy Fallon Greens Set photo

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon debuts with green set. Photo via NBC Universal

Following the grand tradition established by David Letterman of reusing Ed Sullivan’s old stage, Jimmy Fallon, the new host of NBC’s Late Night show, is recycling the old Tonight Show’s Studio 6B, where Johnny Carson helmed his gabfest pre-1972 in New York City. The new version, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which debuted March 2 at 12:35 a.m., gave the comic an opportunity to green the set, echoing NBC’s "Green is Universal" eco-policies. More info and behind-the-scene pics below the fold!

Here’s what the SNL alum told the New York Post about the facelift:

Everything is recycled. We are building everything with recycled metals and using all green lighting. We are starting (construction) from scratch so it is NBC's policy that we make everything from the ground up entirely green. Everything…I wrote up a three page Word document and gave it to the set designer. The craziest stuff I asked for - believe it or not, I got.

Fallon's recycled desk photo

Fallon landed his choice for house band, The Roots, and launches with an all-star guest line up, who he'll interview from a recycled desk which belonged to the set’s designer, Leo Yoshimori. Yoshimori teamed up with Showman Fabricators, building a sustainable stage with some of the following green building practices: low- or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, seating reclaimed and refurbished from Radio City Music Hall, and carpeting on the audience risers and the band platform are from recycled materials. Here's a behind the scenes view:

Late Night construction photo

The green construction on the set used FSC plywood, bamboo floors in the interview area, and doors and metal were reclaimed from local salvage stores.

Reclaimed doors photo

Moving to a different stage meant Fallon's production wouldn’t be delayed while the exiting Late Night host, Conan O'Brien, folded up his tent before heading to Los Angeles to take over The Tonight Show on June 1. With all the juggling of comic celebrity chairs, including Jay Leno moving to primetime, stay tuned to see if the greening of NBC includes redesigning the LA talk show sets.

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