Jewish Farm School


We've heard of Jewish day school, but Jewish farm school?

Yup, that's right. Ever dream about living off the grid and building yourself a farm? If you're Jewish and want to get in touch with some of your earthly roots, consider an ecological farming apprenticeship with Shorashim in Israel. The next 5-month residential apprenticeship begins this February and there is space enough for 10 of you.
The apprenticeship takes place on a farm outside Modi'in. Living off the grid (that means no TreeHugger and no Internet for a long time), there will be lots to learn on environmental practices such as permaculture and the art of communal self-sufficiency (what's that about?).

Says the site website: "The Shorashim apprenticeship is set on a functioning farm, not in an isolated comfort zone. You will be learning by doing. This means you will be exposed to the sometimes difficult but realistic pressures and responsibilities of running a farm…which could mean long work hours and extreme weather conditions."

Volunteers, the description continues, can expect the work to be demanding and the blessings endless…a real-time education with practical experience, both the good and the bad, in daily farm happenings.

Who can you meet at the Jewish Farm School? It is an educational organization comprised of farmers, builders, writers and educators. The website concludes that their mission is to practice and promote sustainable agriculture in order to cultivate just food systems rooted in Jewish traditions.

We'd love to also hear about some farming initiatives in Israel that are rooted in Muslim/Bedouin/Druize traditions. Send us a shout-out in the comments section if you know of any.

::Jewish Farm School via David at World Changing

Jewish Farm School
We've heard of Jewish day school, but Jewish farm school?

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