Jetboil Stove

Here's a camp stove that TreeHugger and hurried trucker, alike, would love to hold. It's designer attached an accordion-style heat exchanger inside the shrouded base of the pan, dramatically reducing the "boil time", roughly doubling the stove's fuel efficiency, and thereby greatly cutting the amount of cooking gas to be carried. The pan's exterior is covered with an insulated fabric skin, with soft handle for easy storage.Extra pots can be bought. Even better, from the caffeine addict's perspective, the maker, JetBoil, separately offers a "French Press" style coffee plunger that fits directly into the pot(s), dematerializing an otherwise weighty object, and satisfying an absolute necessity for visitors to the Café Kerouac.

The local EMS store salesman, Paul, shared my obvious enthusiasm for the design as he demonstrated how everything nested for easy carry and dissembled for convenient cleaning. When pushed by me to reveal any possible drawbacks, Paul allowed that some customers might prefer a more fry-pan friendly stove. I replied that since few hike solo, someone else could carry the traditional open top design for that use. Browsing the JetBoil website later, I found that this issue is recently solved. They're now offering a fry-friendly "Pot Support and Stabilizer" that carries inside the standard pot.

Details from the JetBoil website:

"FluxRing yields fuel efficiencies of over 80%, compared with the 30-40% typical of standard stoves and cookware".

"With the diameter of a Nalgene® bottle and less height, Jetboil stows in places standard cooksets won't go, like your fanny pack or side pocket".

"After heating is complete, the cooking cup unsnaps from the base and the contents stay insulated".

The Jetboil's efficiency and time improvements precipitated four thoughts.

How about some more "art to go" options on the pan exteriors?

Why not create a line of home gas range pots with a similar heat exchanger?

Can customers qualify for a carbon emissions reduction credit? Even in Kyoto-disabled USA, the NYSE has a relationship now with a London carbon exchange.

Wish I'd had this when my children cried for a bottle in the middle of the night.

by: John Laumer