Jetboil Makes a Camping Fuel Canister Recycling Tool

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Photos: Jetboil
Jetboil's new CrunchIt tool, to launch across the US in November 2010, allows campers and hikers to safely vent and puncture their butane gas fuel canisters. This indicates the canisters are safely empty, and all set for metal recycling, where appropriate programs operate.

While not a perfect solution to the issue of single use camping stove gas canisters, the $7 USD 28g (1 oz) CrunchIt is certainly a creative and welcome first step. It works by attaching to a fuel canister valve, venting any remaining traces of fuel before easily piercing the canister, much like we used to open metal drink cans long before the advent of ring tops and pop tops. Now I'm showing my age.

Speaking of which I haven't used single use gas canister stoves since I was about 15 because of their inherent waste problem. Recycling services have long been loath to accept them because of the risk of residual gas being ignited during the recycling process. The CrunchIt however, may turn what has been a liability waste product into a scrap metal resource. Well, that is the theory, at least.

You can see the basic premise of the idea, and the tool in action, in this promo video:

REI stores have the CrunchIt tool exclusively during October, with it becoming more widely available in November 2010.

More information at Jetboil. Via SNEWS
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