Jesus On The Label: Enough To Drive A Tree-Hugger To Drink


The following news story excerpts need little added explanation. But, we do have a suggestion as to an especially suitable water source that Spiritual Brands might want to consider for its debut product line. The rain which is expected to fill Lake Lanier, just north of Atlanta, has been receiving some spiritual attention of late.

A drinks company is banking on some divine help in a new venture -- selling spiritual water in bottles featuring Jesus and carrying prayers -- despite warnings this promotion could backfire. Spiritual Brands Inc., a start-up company from Florida, is hoping to make a splash in the competitive bottled water market, worth over $11 billion a year in the United States alone, with its new Spiritual Water.

Available in 10 varieties, one flavor "Balance" features a picture of Jesus on the front with The Lord's Prayer on the back in both English and Spanish while "Focus" carries a likeness of the Virgin Mary...


Elicko Taieb, company founder and chief executive, said the idea was to take something that people always have with them, and use it to lift their spirits or keep them focused. Church works he said, but only on Sundays...

He said the company chose Christianity first, since it is so prevalent in the United States, but has plans to expand.

Eco-labeling it is not.

Via::Reuters, Image credits::SpiritualH2O

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