Jessica Biel and Friends Aim High, Bob Barker Saves the Whales, and More

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The celebrity-packed Summit to the Summit left basecamp yesterday, with Jessica Biel, Emile Hirsch, Alexandra Cousteau, Isabel Lucas, Lupe Fiasco, and other climbers making the 19,340-foot trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro to battle the world's water crisis through partnerships with the Children's Safe Drinking Water Program, UNHCR, and Water for People. Before setting out, the team spent time in a Tanzanian village which Biel called "an invaluable and eye-opening experience," saying, "My hope is that others will be inspired to find ways that they can help; starting simply in their homes and continuing to other parts of the world. We are all in this together." (Via People)

Julia Stiles' Green Style

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If you thought Julia Stiles was on to something with her eco-fashion parody Julia Stiles Styles, then check out her most recent interview with EcoStiletto for a look at the other ways this socially-responsible actress is focusing her efforts--by making the switch to Fair Trade clothing, eating ethically-sourced meat, and trying to find ways to green her film sets. She even talks about the far-reaching effects of America's plastic bag habit--and how to curb it: "I was working in Tangiers in Morocco a while ago and literally there were hundreds of plastic bags floating through the air like tumbleweeds. It's ridiculous that in the U.S. they just give you plastic bags for everything. In Europe they charge you so in incentivizes you to bring one."

Bob Barker Takes on Whaling

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Former The Price is Right host Bob Barker has already spoken out about the importance of rescuing bears from roadside zoos and, of course, getting your pets spayed or neutered, but this week he took on a much bigger--and wetter--animal cause. Barker donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which fights Japanese whaling in the Antarctic--and the organization promptly used the money to renovate a former Norwegian whaling ship for active duty. The Bob Barker was on hand this week when the fleet of Sea Shepherd vessels, including the new catamaran Ady Gil, ran into the Japanese--and when the Ady Gil was sliced in two, the Bob Barker jumped into action. The television host told the Los Angeles Times that his namesake ship had done him proud: "By virtue of the Bob Barker being there, six lives were saved. The whole purpose is to sink the Japanese whaling fleet economically by making it impossible for them to harvest enough whales to continue to exist." Find out more about Sea Shepherd on Planet Green's Whale Wars.

Go Green Expo Lines Up Sustainable Speakers

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The year's first Go Green Expo, planned for January 22-24 in Los Angeles, has pulled together a lineup of celebrity speakers for its three-day conference that includes sustainability icons Ed Begley Jr., Mariel Hemingway, Alexandra Paul, and John Picard (among others). More than 250 exhibitors will show off their eco-friendly products and services at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where business owners and the public can scope out everything from eco-friendly resorts to alternative energy companies. Don't live in LA? Save the carbon you'd spend on travel and wait for the other expos, scheduled for New York City (March 19-21), Philadelphia (April 16-18), and Atlanta (May 21-23). (Via Ecorazzi)

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