Jennifer Aniston's Eco-Makeover, Kelly Ripa's Green Kids, and More

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Jennifer Aniston often gets mocked by the eco-crowd for her light green pledge to make a difference by taking three-minute showers, which include a teeth-brushing. Now, she's getting serious and stepping up her green game by spending $15 million on an eco-makeover for her Beverly Hills mansion. As part of her green renovations, she will add solar panels, a reflective metal roof to conserve energy — plus her garden will include drought-resistant plants. The cash-heavy star reveals, "When you become aware of all the things you do, and all the effects those things have, you want to make small changes." Thanks: Green Daily

Kelly Ripa's Green Wash:

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The talk show host is spreading a little green love this Earth Day. As a spokesperson for Electrolux, she helped launch the companies newest eco-friendly washer & dryer "Kelly Green," which uses less water and helps raise money for Global Green USA's 'Green School Intiative.' But when it comes to being eco-friendly, Kelly admits she's schooled by her kids, revealing, "I am a sinner and I do use paper towels, and my kids are like mom, do you know paper towels are wasteful. So now, I'm rinsing and reusing my paper towels."

Alicia Silverstone's Earth Day Honor:

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Vegan activist, Alicia Silverstone, was singled out for her stellar green diet by the Daily Green Heart of Green awards in New York City. The awards ceremony honored greenies who are dedicated to living and promoting an eco-lifestyle all year. Alicia cited her eco-reasons to go vegan to vegetarian star, adding, "Eat Green. Because food production causes the most damage to the planet, so eat as many plant based foods as possible. Every little bit makes a difference so the more vegetarian meals you have the better." Learn More: The Daily Green awards

Nick Cannon Powers Down:

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While Nick's wife, Mariah Carey, often gets blasted as one of the 'least green' celebrities for her eco-sins, like flying her personal trainer in from St.Barts. Good-guy Nick hopes to make a greener world by encouraging teens to conserve energy. As TeenNick's honorary chairman, Nick launched Nickelodeon's 'Power Down' event at New York's Empire State Building. As part of the campaign, the city landmark, along with the network's young fans, turned off their lights for 60 seconds on Earth Day to signal their dedication to the environment. The "Power Down" moment is part of Nickelodeon's ongoing Big Green Help intiative, which aims to get kids more eco-savvy.

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