Jay-Z, MTV and UN To Campaign For Clean Water


Def Jam President and CEO Jay-Z will be the focus of Diary of Jay-Z: Water for Life, an MTV series that follows the rap icon's tour to international destinations affected by the world water crisis. The film project is part of a joint initiative by Jay-Z, MTV and the United Nations to raise awareness about the devastating lack of safe drinking water in locations around the world. While announcing the partnership Jay-Z explained his own revelations about the water crisis, “After hearing and reading some of the startling statistics about the lack of clean water, I realized that I needed to bring attention to this issue. I know through joining with experts through the UN and partnering with MTV to bring the word to our communities, we can make a difference."The tour documentary will follow Jay-Z as he meets people who are among the 1 billion worldwide without access to safe drinking water, and will also go with him as he explores solutions to the crisis. In addition to exploring areas struggling without access to safe water, the series will look at places where sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions are working to bring fresh water to devastated communities. The network's first-person biographical series will air on November 24, reaching 179 counties on 50 of MTV locally programmed channels. ::Via: UN News Centre