Jargon Watch: Scuppie


Scuppie -- a "Socially Conscious Upwardly-mobile Person."

1. A person who desires all the best life can offer and strives for those goals in a socially conscious manner.

2. One who is dedicated to the pursuit of peace, happiness and cash (not necessarily in that order).

3. Someone ‘green’ -- i.e. one who understands the love of money does not preclude the love of nature...and vice-versa.

All this according to Chuck Failla, a financial planner trying to bring "Scuppie" in to vogue. He's got a website, a manifesto, and pictures depict, head to toe, what a male and female scuppie look like. And, coming soon, a handbook to teach you how to be a scuppie.Essentially, scuppie-ism comes down to the a cake-and-eat-it-too point of view: Yes, you can care about the planet without wearing hair shirts and crunching on granola. "Do Scuppies want to save the Earth? Sure, but, they certainly want to enjoy themselves while saving it -- they do not believe in compromise. Eco-friendly does not mean pleasure-barren."

Like a yuppie, a scuppie is successful and cares about what other people think, but, instead of power suits and caviar, scuppies are in to swanky organic cotton duds and sexy hybrid cars. As such, it's somewhere between yuppie and hippie: "There should be no need to choose between a car’s speed and fuel economy; comfort and conservation; luxury and sustainability."

Will scuppie be the next buzzword in green? Will it catch on and define a generation, like yuppie and hippie before it? Stay tuned. ::The Scuppie Handbook via ::PR Newswire and ::Green Daily