Jargon Watch: Econcierge

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That is what Trendwatching, "an independent and opinionated trend firm" with a penchant for inventing words that really grate on the tongue, calls the new services that help households go green. They note that while these firms started up to help people reduce their carbon footprints, their current focus is helping consumers save, or even make, money by going green. As an example, they cite a London firm, Green Concierge:

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For GBP 199, London-based Green Homes Concierge’s inspectors will come to a customer’s home, toting heat-detecting cameras and other devices to help them evaluate energy leaks, wall insulation and appliances. Afterwards, inspectors recommend ways the home’s owner can reduce CO2 emissions, and hopefully save some money in the process. Significantly, GHC’s services don’t end there. For a full year the firm will act as a helpful concierge. Should customers wish to make the inspection’s recommended improvements, GHC will help them locate contractors and suppliers able to do the work or tell them where to buy low-energy light bulbs and other environmentally-friendly items. Sure, in the US and elsewhere, energy companies have long encouraged homeowners to reduce utility bills by offering counseling and rebates on fuel-efficient appliances. But sorting through the paperwork to qualify for rebates and tax breaks can be a major chore for homeowners.

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They also mention our friends at FreeGreen, noting:

Consumers who download FreeGreen's plans get not just the very detailed plan set, but also an energy report specific to the town or city they select. FreeGreen's team can also modify or customize any of its plans.

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