Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars Shoots First-Ever Arctic Music Video

For the many years we've been watching music videos seeing one filmed in the Arctic is definitely a first. The band 30 Seconds to Mars, with lead vocalist and "My So Called Life" heartthrob Jared Leto, was determined to make it happen. Their song "A Beautiful Lie", which is the title track and current single to the band's 2005 platinum album, was entirely shot on location 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Greenland.

"I heard recently that often times the most difficult path is also the right one," Leto says on abeautifullie.org. "It almost didn't happen. In fact, we were pretty much convinced it wouldn't happen. We even considered abandoning the idea after being told many times by very smart, educated, well-grounded and rational people that we were indeed out of our collective f#!$ing minds for even thinking we could shoot a 'music video' in the Arctic Circle."
The video, filmed over a period of six months, begins with moving commentary from a Greenland native, who speaks about how the melting ice is affecting their local food supply today. It continues to show amazing footage of the Arctic landscape, capitalizing on new technologies and methods due to the extreme and exotic wilderness. By making this video, 30 Seconds to Mars wanted to walk down a different path than the norm. The band endured the challenge, watched as the ice cracked its thunderous warnings under their feet and shot "what is our love letter to this magnificent and, sadly, soon to be lost treasure." They were compelled and inspired to make an environmental statement because global warming is currently affecting this beautiful landscape and the people who live there. They wanted to take their experience and inspire all of us as well. And we believe they have succeeded.

"We thought long and hard about what, why, and whether we were actually going to go through with this at all. Ultimately, we decided that being part of the solution - or even just attempting to be a part of solution - is better than sitting around and complaining about it. If, after all of this, in the smallest way possible, we are part of that solution rather than the problem then it will have been worth it all," Leto continues. "With this video, abeautifullie.org and the making-of, we hope that we can share with you all in some small way the experience that inspired us so much and that you can join us in this great adventure. We know you were there in spirit and, as always, supporting our collective dreams together."

The website includes information about current environmental issues, ways for kids to participate in environmental activities, links, tips for conservation and more. Fans can upload personal videos to let the band and the world know what they're doing to help the environment. In addition, fans are able to make donations to support the NRDC.

The video ends with a very troubling fact: In the 2 years since "A Beautiful Lie" was released, nearly a fourth of the arctic ice shelf has disappeared. ::A Beautiful Lie

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