In Japan, a Treehouse Goes to the Birds--and One Lucky Bird Watcher

Bird Apartment: A Treehouse for birds and one human© Nendo

Is this a birdhouse with an attached treehouse or a treehouse with an attached birdhouse? However you want to look at it, this structure is a dream come true for birders and birds with an exhibitionist streak.

Nendo Birdhouse Apartment© Nendo

The white treehouse, dubbed 'Bird Apartment', features 78 nesting spaces for birds on one side of the structure.

Bird Apartment Treehouse in Japan by Nendo© Nendo

Access to the human side of the treehouse is by way of a ladder. Once inside, the bird watcher who isn't afraid of heights can peep into the lives of the feathered inhabitants by way of small peep holes drilled into the wall of the nesting spaces.

This unique treehouse was designed by Nendo--a Japan-based design firm--for the Ando Momofuku Center in Japan's mountainous Nagano Prefecture. The Ando Momofuku Center is a facility devoted to promoting and creating access to nature activities.

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