Japan Recycles Two Million Tennis Balls


Andre Agassi may have called it quits, but some unsung tennis stars just don't know when to give in. Earlier this year (in fact, the very day after Andre retired) the 2 millionth tennis ball was donated to a school in Japan. The Global Sports Alliance (GSA) has been collecting them for their reuse initiative. Over 1,500 school have been beneficiaries of the program. They attach the balls to the bottom of tables and chairs in classrooms. Apparently this reduces wear and tear on floors, whilst it also "drastically reduces extraneous noise, creating a better learning atmosphere." Especially so for children with hearing aids who are sensitive to sudden loud noise or background interference. Seems the concept also lends a practical reinforcement to environmental messages in school curriculum. A sister program sends used sports equipment to countries such as Kenya, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Via ::Global Forum for Sports and Environment.
Yeh, we know this is really 'reuse', but that is not a phrase most folk have embraced, as much, as say, recycling. Reuse is where a product or material is used in it's original form, without having to be first sent to a factory to be melted down, pulped, or so on.

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