January Jones Makes an Impact, Harrison Ford Needs You, and More

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Everyone's favorite Mad Men wife may not have won herself an Emmy nomination this year, but actress January Jones--who plays Betty Draper--recieved a very different kind of honor this week when Variety included her in its annual Women's Impact Report for her work with Oceana.We highlighted the PSA that Jones did for the ocean preservation organization over on Planet Green, but if shark videos give you nightmares, we'll recap it here: sharks are some of the ocean's most essential predators, and their numbers are decreasing in staggaring amounts, threatening the balance of the entire eco-system. Jones teamed up with Oceana to increase awareness--and to help fight shark finning, which allows for sharks to be caught, have their fins removed, and then thrown back into the ocean for a painful death. "You already can't bring sharks without fins intact into the Atlantic Coast," she told Variety about a bill the government is currently analyzing. "This (law) would expand to the Pacific, effectively stopping finning in American waters." (Via Jezebel)

Harrison Ford Calls for Reinforcements

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Photo via ScreenCrave Onscreen, Harrison Ford is the kind of dashing adventurer who can rescue the Ark of the Covenant, pilot the Millenium Falcon through a meteor field,and bring down Colombian drug cartels almost single-handedly--but offscreen, he's calling on the rest of us to help fight rainforest deforestation. In a piece for the Huffington Post this week, Ford writes, "The facts could not be more clear: The burning and clearing of tropical forests puts more carbon into the atmosphere than the entire world's cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships combined...That's why Team Earth is issuing an urgent, immediate challenge by teaming up with the Prince's Rainforest Project to call for swift action and funding to reduce tropical deforestation." Join the movement by signing up with Team Earth.

Woody Harrelson Fights Zombies the Green Way

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Woody Harrelson's love for hemp--in all its forms--has been well-documented, but that's just the beginning of his green passion: Ecorazzi reports that on the set of his new movie, Zombieland, Harrelson required director Ruben Fleisher to cut back on energy use and waste produced from the film before he'd sign onto the project--and even insisted that the hat his character wear come from a company that constructed it from recycled truck tarps. The actor, who also told Maxim magazine this week that he went vegan to clear up acne, reportedly even convinced Fleisher to go meat-free while they were filming. (Via Ecorazzi)

Gisele Bundchen Takes Flight

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We know Gisele Bundchen has the best interests of the environment at heart--she was named a new United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador this week, and she's signed on to voice an animated superhero who fights for environmental justice in a series of webisodes airing this fall--but People's report this week that the supermodel is just a few lessons away from becoming a licensed helicopter pilot still made us do a double-take. The report claims that Bundchen is taking the lessons to "learn the nuts and bolts of aviation" so that she can use her UN position to work on green alternatives to jet fuel, but then quotes her teacher as saying, "I think down the road Tom [Brady, her husband] will come too--they're planning on using a helicopter quite often." Hopefully the couple, who confirmed that they are expecting their first child in December, will rethink their defintion of "quite often" in favor of more eco-friendly transportation on future family outings.

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