Janet's Walk: Breast Cancer Diagnosis Inspires Eco-Action


I don't think I've ever directly asked TH readers to financially support a project, so, this is a first. Many of us would respond to a breast cancer diagnosis by retreating into the safe and familiar. Janet Dreifus has decided to use her time here to tour the country, picking up trash, and spreading the word about alternative energy, local food, and the relationship between environmental toxins and cancer. After a treatment on Monday, she will leave Denver for Missouri, where on April 8 she will appear at Columbia, Missouri’s 10th Anniversary Clean Up Columbia event. We'll track her progress in the Midwest, and follow her when she hits Seattle in June for a West Coast tour. Check out the programs she offers and see if any of them fit in with your local event. Janet is accessible, irrepressible, and, yes, completely inspiring. Please support her if you can. :: Janet's Walk