Janet Dreifus, Thanks for Doing Your Thing


Readers were introduced to Janet Dreifus in April, when we let you know about Janet's Walk. I last was in contact with her then and thought it was time to update you all the progress of her west coast tour. When I visited her web site, however, I found that the intrepid 49-year-old returned home from her April trip exhausted and succumbed to breast cancer in June. Though I only knew her a few months, becoming immersed in this incredible woman's brave approach to life has made me re-evaluate mine. Janet was more hippy than hip, and I spend a lot of my time contributing to a "hip, not hippy" world. As we helped her get her web site going, and assisted in writing some of her materials, I worried about how people would respond to her frankness about her emotional past and openness about her spiritual beliefs while she spread the word about eco-issues. I worried about people making the micro-evaluations we all make daily, and dismissing her as granola-y or New Agey without hearing her message or seeing how amazing she was (we all do it in one way or another, and it sucks). She was absolutely dedicated to being herself, and touching people her way. I wish I would have spent less time worrying and more time just appreciating her -- another lesson she taught me, I guess. Janet's fearlessness, desire to use her life to its capacity with whatever time she had, and persistent self-loyalty are completely inspiring. Please get to know her a bit. :: Janet's Walk