James Cameron Wants to Film Parts of Avatar 2 at the Bottom of the Sea

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But How Will Blue on Blue Look on Screen?
James Cameron is nothing if not ambitious. Avatar was a triumph of cutting edge technologies (advanced motion capture, 3D cameras, computer generated characters and sets, digital projection, etc), but it might turn out to have been a walk in the part compared to the Avatar sequel. Cameron has apparently decided to have at least part of the action take place in Pandora's oceans, and he has commissioned an ultra-deep-sea submarine that can reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench at around 11,000 meters down (36,000 feet) and film with 3D cameras!
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Photo: Wikipedia, Creative Commons
A Huge Technical Challenge
Humans have only been once in the Mariana, and only for 20 minutes in a kind of big hollowed out cannon ball. The water pressure down there is immense: "At the bottom of the trench, where the plates meet, the water column above exerts a pressure of 108.6 megapascals (15,750 psi), over one thousand times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level."

Potential Impact of Avatar 2
If Cameron is successful, he could not only make a good movie, but also gather some interesting scientific data, push deep sea diving technology forward, and raise awareness about deep sea issues with the general public. Not bad for a movie-maker.

More on this at Discovery News.

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