James Cameron Sends a Message to America's Youth, "Glee" Hits the Road, and More


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"Avatar" director and passionate environmentalist James Cameron talked to MSNBC this week and, according to Ecorazzi, he had some advice for the country's young, aspiring eco-warriors. "They're not living in denial; they know this is the world they're going to inherit," he said."Forget about recycling and all that stuff; we should all know by now to do that. The best tip is get informed, read the books, understand what the stakes are....Learn more about the public policy because it's up to the public to influence the leaders of this country to take the right action."

"Glee" Hits the Road

"Glee" actors Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch give eco-friendly carpooling a go in this Funny or Die sketch, which includes plenty of vocals from Morrison as he sings along to the radio -- and plenty of sharp quips from Lynch about everything from his tone to his song choices. But they aren't the only two actors from the show to promote environmentalism: The rest of the cast talked to Mother Nature Network about their green efforts last year.

Morgan Freeman Lends His Voice -- Again

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In "Born to Be Wild" -- narrated by go-to voiceover master Morgan Freeman -- filmmakers focus on two of the conservationists who rescue orphaned animals in the wild: Dr. Birute Galdikas, who works with orangutans in Borneo, and Dame Daphne Sheldrick, who rehabilitates elephants in Kenya. The 3-D film opens in IMAX theaters tonight -- and if you're in the mood for more eco-documentaries after seeing it, try one of these six others we can't wait to see. (Via Mother Nature Network)

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Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Pamela Anderson and Vivienne Westwood seemed like an unlikely pair when they teamed up to launch Westwood's Spring 2009 collection -- but the two had bonded the year before over a "shared concern about global warming," said the New York Times. So for the designer's 70th birthday, Anderson partnered with the charity Cool Earth to sponsor 70 acres of rainforest in Peru -- putting the land back under control of local communities and preventing more than 18,000 tons of carbon emissions from deforestation.

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