James Cameron Hits the Amazon To Stop the Belo Monte Dam (Video)

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Image Credit: broddi via Flickr

In the months since "Avatar"struck major environmental themeswhile banking nearly $3 billion, James Cameron, an avid environmentalist, has been very busy. He's been bringing his celebrity to fight the oil and coal industries and defend Earth Day, and now he's working to save the Amazon. In March, he visited Brazil with Al Gore to talk about sustainability and the power of film.

Now he's involved in a fight against the proposed building of the Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon. While the Brazilian government has decided to go ahead with building the dam, the fight is not over: Amazon Watch is circulating a petition against the dam. And Cameron is pitching in, releasing a short video titled "A Message From Pandora," in which he pleads the case of the thousands of indigenous inhabitants who will be displaced by the dam.

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