Jam Jar Drinking. Cheers, Salut, Viva la Difference!


Photo: Sometimes Daily

Noticing Bonnie’s recent post on the UK’s Financial Times suggesting brown bagging your lunch to work is a sound move in these uncertain economic times, reminded me of Amanda Congdon’s recession tip last month of drinking from jars. Once the anchor for quirky internet news broadcaster, RocketBoom, Amanda now fronts her own Sometimes Daily video blog. And on the episode in question she was advocating the use of glass jars as an alternative drinking vessel to Waterford Crystal, themselves a victim of the fiscal downturn. This ain’t as silly as it first sounds.

ice tea mason jar photo

Ice tea in Mason Jar. Photo via Flickr

The glass used in jars is thicker and more robust—perfect for kids or inebriated party guests. Nothing more to buy—you already paid for the jam, jelly or whatever came in the jar and scored a drink container for free.

In less affluent times I recall manufacturers once used the idea as clever marketing tool, promoting frugality, even providing their wares in smooth sided glass jars with press fit lids.

But how would you feel if you visited someone and they served you up your beverage in an old jam jar, or a Mason style preserving jar? Is it socially acceptable practice? We happened upon an online dating site where just that question came up. Many respondents appeared comfortable with the concept. Some cafes apparently even serve their drinks this way every day.

So is it merely our snobbery that has built a fence between us and a simpler, less consumptive life? Maybe it’s time to be a little subversive (and a lot eco) by drinking from jam jars. ::Sometimes Daily

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