Jack Johnson's Summer Tour: Good People, Good Music, Good Earth

Jack Johnson's 2005 summer tour not only brought good vibes and sunny smiles to music fans around the US and Canada, it was also a showcase of impressive eco-friendly tour activities. The Climate Neutral Network granted the tour Climate CoolTM certification for Jack and crew's multi-faceted approach to reducing the environmental impact of a typically resource-intensive endeavor. From supporting environmental organizations to driving biodiesel fueled buses and selling eco-friendly merch, the summer tour was planned and conducted with the Earth in mind. Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of the tour was the influence that the eco-actions had on the venues hosting the tour. The Meriweather Post Pavilion was especially active in their participation: creating a compost pit, switching to florescent lighting, LED lighting and updating their recycling program were all done as a result of hosting the Jack Johnson show."We tried to integrate as many of Jack's suggestions as possible. These actions are worth implementing at anyone's suggestion; but coming from someone like Jack Johnson, who enjoys playing our venue and takes these things such to heart, makes it that much more meaningful. We plan to incorporate some of the changes into our standard operations. We will always think of Jack as the guy who inspired us to take that step." Seth Hurwitz I.M.P./Promoter/Operator of Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Here are more details about the tour from a recent press release:

The tour's affiliation with the 1% For The Planet alliance yielded record results "It's no coincidence that Jack Johnson's tour coincided with one of our biggest member recruitment periods ever (second only to the weeks following his album release). The number of businesses committing 1% of their sales to the environment in Jack's wake is a clear indication that the investment he made in doing the right thing has been multiplied by the inspiration that he has offered to others," said Terry Kellogg, Executive Director, 1% For The Planet (www.onepercentfortheplanet.org).

Eco-Actions included:
· Conversion to biodiesel. The tour ran all buses and trucks on biodiesel fuel. Bio Diesel is a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources. It is nearly carbon-neutral, meaning it contributes almost zero emissions to global warming! A 1998 biodiesel lifecycle study jointly sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, concluded biodiesel reduces net carbon dioxide emissions by 78 percent compared to petroleum diesel. The tour used 22,000 gallons of biodiesel fuel, which saved 89 tons of CO2 emissions from going into the air.

· Eco-friendly tour merchandise. All tour T-shirts were made from organic cotton. Tour posters and CD packaging were printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. Reuseable water bottles and hemp totebags encourage fans to reduce their waste and proved to be big sellers.

· Kokua DVD & Donations. Over $9,000 from the sale of the Kokua DVD was donated to the Kokua Hawaii Foundation. In addition to the DVD, Jack Johnson donated $55,000 of show income to other 1% For The Planet non-profit groups who tabled at the shows.

"Jack Johnson has so given liberally and generously to Heal the Ocean, that to us he is not only a godsend, but a godson. He has taken a personal interest in our campaign to get rid of septic systems polluting the Rincon, a world-famous surf spot dear to his heart. In working closely with Jack on a number of fundraising events, we have come to see how his interest in the health of the environment extends from the ocean to young people and how he uses his phenomenal talents to awaken a love of nature in young people and to instill a respect for the planet. We are grateful to him forever!" Hillary Hauser Executive Director/Heal the Ocean

· Tabling by environmental groups. The following local environmental groups certified by 1% for the Planet participated at the shows: Amazon Watch, Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, Coosa River Basin Initiative, Delaware Riverkeeper, Environmental Defense Center, Georgia Forestwatch, Heal the Ocean, Heartwood, Hoosier Environmental Council, Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Rivers United, Leavenworth Audubon Adopt-A-Forest, Marine Stewardship Council, Missouri Coalition for the Environment Foundation, Nevada Wilderness Project, Patagonia Store-Atlanta, Prairie Rivers Network, Pro Peninsula, Rock the Earth, San Diego BayKeeper, Santa Barbara ChannelKeeper, Santa Monica BayKeeper, SEED Coalition, Slow Food USA, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, Surfrider, Tennessee Clean Water Network, The Kinnickinnie River Land Trust, Wild Utah Project.

· Recycling & Food Donations. The tour catering crew recycled all food and beverage containers and donated left over food to local shelters with the Rock and Wrap It Up organization (www.rockandwrapitup.org).

· Venue Updates. The tour rider suggested earth-friendly actions that venues could take to reduce their negative environmental impact, including on-site recycling and the use of low energy light bulbs. Several venues gladly implemented these suggestions and realized they weren't only helping the environment but saving money in the process.

· CO2 Offsets & Climate-Neutral Certification. The tour contributed $3489 to the Native Energy Fund for the creation of energy producing windmills. In addition, $1000 from the sale of the Kokua DVD was put toward the Native Energy fund to offset the concert-goers' travel to the show. These windmills will offset the 304.7 tons of CO2 emissions used on the tour and will certify the Jack Johnson Summer 05 Tour as Climate Cool TM.

· Go Organic. Backstage snacks were donated by a long list organic food companies from Annie's to Clif Bar to Stonyfield Farm. Biota Spring Water donated their bottled water whose biodegradable packaging is the first to be made out of corn. Dega Catering cooked up the organic meals and utilized local farm goods whenever possible.

Hurricane Katrina tragically struck the central gulf coast in the midst of the tour. The hurricane and its aftermath have been described as the worst catastrophe or set of catastrophes in the country's history. Jack Johnson and the tour organizers worked quickly to establish fund raising plans through the American Red Cross. Jack Johnson donated $5,000 from each show between August 31st and September 17th to the American Red Cross for a total of $65,000. Funds from fans and ticket auctions thru radio stations totaled $57,835.05. In all, the tour donated over $122,835.05 toward Hurricane Katrina relief.

Jack Johnson's Summer Tour: Good People, Good Music, Good Earth
Jack Johnson's 2005 summer tour not only brought good vibes and sunny smiles to music fans around the US and Canada, it was also a showcase of impressive eco-friendly tour activities. The Climate Neutral Network granted the tour Climate CoolTM