Jack Bauer to Strangle Climate Change

Press release: "24," the Emmy Award-winning series from Imagine and Twentieth Century Fox Television, will strive to become the first television production ever to save enough energy and reduce enough carbon emissions over the course of a season to render its entire season finale "carbon neutral,"....."When appropriate, [24 will] incorporating the issue of global warming and the importance of carbon emission reduction into storylines"

The phone rang. It was Chloe. "Jack! The Vice President is conspiring to keep gas flowing in the US by nuking the Alberta oil sands!

Jack jumped out of his bamboo sheets, turned on his CFLs, poured fair trade coffee into his Sigg and hopped on his bicycle to race to CTU.

We could go on, with jokes about "alternative sets of procedures" involving hemp rope or green electricity, or how they will have to change the name to "36" if they get rid of all the fast cars, but will stop there. It just seemed so odd, such a message from a show replete with helicopters, racing SUVs and enough electronics to run Google. But the people behind the show are serious.


From the press release:

In addition to making significant changes to its own production practices, the series aims to educate and inspire it its millions of viewers to take climate change and the fight against global warming seriously and personally, before it's too late, said executive producer/show-runner Howard Gordon and Twentieth Century Fox Television Chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman.

"We care deeply about this issue at '24,' and we wanted to do our own small part to be part of the solution," commented Howard Gordon. "We looked at how we produce the show, and realized that there were some substantive changes we could implement which would make a real difference. But even more importantly, we hope to inspire our audience to look at what they can do in their own lives to help stem global warming. We think this will be the beginning of a conversation with our millions of viewers that will hopefully inspire them to take action around the world."

It is also true that Kiefer Sutherland comes from a long line of very persuasive and politically active leaders. Watch him do a PSA about global warming here.

Oh, we wish them well and hope they succeed. The show talks to an audience that could use the message. ::24