It's Time for Moving Planet!

It's fitting that Moving Planet, a celebration of a rising global census for climate action put on by, kicked off today in Cairo. After all, that ancient city has become a worldwide symbol for a global society in transition and a reminder that organized people can do amazing things. In Egypt, an estimated 600 young Egyptians formed a "Human Nile," representing the cost to water supplies if nothing is done about global warming. Over the next 24 hours, Moving Planet will feature over 2,000 bicycle rides and marches and rallies in 171 countries.


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Event organizer Jamie Henn told me:

The climate movement is clearly picking up speed. The legions of bicyclists taking to the streets around the world on Saturday represent just the type of force we're going to need to take on the fossil fuel industry.

Photos from all the actions will be displayed in Times Square. This morning, across the world from Cairo in Tonga, a local priest blessed the coming day while a village choir greeted the sun over the island. Moving Planet Tonga representative, Polikalepo Kefu said:

"This campaign is a symbolic one for us as it shows that the people of Tonga are aware of the harmful effects of climate change and we are willing to do something about it,

You can check out more photos from Moving Planet on Flickr. If you're looking for a great event on Saturday, I'll be at the San Francisco Moving Planet event featuring Sierra Club ED Mike Brune, Gov. Jerry Brown, and Bill McKibben.