It's No Impact Week. Here's Why You Should Care

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Over 4,000 people have signed on to take part in this week's No Impact Week, highlighted over at Huffington Post. It's part of an experiment to live like No Impact Man and see just what kind of effort goes into having zero net impact on the planet during daily life. So, what's the point? Check out these great reasons...Heather Della Rocca from San Diego joined No Impact Week with an eye towards future generations:

I worry when I consider the kind of world my two small children will grow up in, where basic resources like clean water will be hard to get. My wasteful life is making me sick and uneasy and I look forward to making some real changes. It's time to live deliberately and model a way of living that can change the world.

That's a really significant reason. However, it's not just future generations that'll suffer because of our wasteful living. We're experiencing changes now that will play out in our lifetime - like sea level rise and species extinctions that will have dramatic chain effects, such as in coral reefs. The experiment is an eye opener to just how much of a change we can make.

For Susan Hedlin, No Impact Week is a way to make positive change on a local, individual level:

We all have an awareness that there is something drastically wrong with our planet and its support system. We know all about carbon footprints and global warming. We hear about problems and issues non-stop in the media. The dissonance surfaces when we think that it is someone else's problem to solve, or that the problem is one of government regulation or lack of regulation. It is easy to blame soulless corporations. What we fail to realize is that it is our day to day choices that are causing this very scary situation. I believe that making seemingly small incremental changes and building community awareness will make a difference and create strides towards healing ourselves and our planet.

Read a ton more of the reasons people are taking part over at Huffington Post - and more importantly, sign up! It's one week, and it'll be an experience that will change the way you look at your consumption habits. We guarantee it.

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