It's America Recycles Day!


Of course, every TreeHugger knows that it is America Recycles Day, (for TreeHuggers every day is a recycling day) started ten years ago to increase awareness of the importance of recycling. There are activities across the country, that you can attend, or you can "Make an Effort to Make a Difference. As our slogan says, it all comes back to you. Even a small shift in your attitudes and actions, multiplied many times over by others accepting this challenge, can change the world."

But it is not catching on. Founders Kevin Tuerff and Valerie Davis are commemorating the initiative's anniversary today by camping out in a landfill in Texas to express their dismay at the country's lack of recycling progress.

A surprising 76 percent of Americans believe recycling at home can reduce their contribution to global warming," said Kevin Tuerff, president and principal of EnviroMedia Social Marketing. "We are enthused by the response but aren't sure Americans really understand the connection and how it helps."

Recycling now crawls forward at an alarmingly slow pace. The nation's overall recycling rate skyrocketed 80 percent in the 1990s according to Environmental Protection Agency figures. Since 2000, the rate has climbed a mere 12 percent.

"Back when we started America Recycles Day in 1997, leaders projected half of all waste would be recycled by now. We're at 32 percent, and that's a huge disappointment for conservation," said Tuerff.

They are trying to live blog the event, although the posts are not changing very often and the pictures are not working; Try your luck at ::Livefromthe landfill

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