It's a Wonderful Life. Or is it?


We have seen It's a Wonderful Life more times than we can count. It is a deeply subversive movie, where George Bailey wanted to throw of the dust of this two bit town and see the world and be an architect and build bridges and do great things but in the end has to settle down, raise a pile of kids and run his dad's Savings and Loan. When George says "I wish I had never been born" angel Clarence grants his wish and he gets to tour Bedford Falls as it might have been had he not been around. I agree with Gary Kamiya' s great Salon piece of a few years ago- Pottersville is a lot cooler than Bedford Falls, and perhaps the town might have been better off without him. Now Jim Kunstler has put his nail into George's coffin as well.


George's business, just post WWII, is building Bailey Park, selling the houses and using his inherited S&L; to finance the whole thing and provide mortgages. Is this legal? Isn't this how all the S&L;'s went bust in the nineties? And the design of Bailey Park. Look how far apart the houses are- transit won't work here, these people need cars!


Mr. Martini used to live in a dense, racially mixed urban neighbourhood. Sure, he had to pay rent to Mr. Potter, but he could probably walk to his restaurant. Now, out in Bailey Park, he will have to buy a car to get into town.


Now he owns a house in the suburbs. On moving in George gives him bread, so he will never know hunger, salt so that life will always have flavour and wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever. but what about gas?


No George, you were right. Jump. :;Jim Kunstler