iTree Is A Monster Docking Station Delivering Big Sound, For Just $ 15,000

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One of the things to love about the iPod is that it is so teensy, that it takes up so little space. Enter the iTree, that completely defeats the purpose of being small, but delivers big sound. The designers, Martin Kern and Georg Kettele of KMKG Studios in Graz, Austria, make each one to order; you can even ride around the Steirische Vulkanland region and pick your own tree. What could be greener?

iTree docking station photo

The iTree has special speakers hidden at the back for a minimal look, and uses the hollowed-out tree as a resonant body and the wall as a reflector. The wood performs like a piano or violin, creating a voluminous yet defined acoustic spatial experience. The designers worked with ultra high end speaker (like, they make speakers that cost $175,000 a pair) Trenner & Friedl.

iTree docking station photo

Of course, the woods are all local, sustainably harvested, whether cherry, poplar or spruce. The carpenters are local to the area as well.

Designers KMKG believe that good design is based on experience, it's personal, it has a "Heimat" ("home") and has as little design as possible. The iTree relies on one of KMKG's design principles - one that Dieter Rams forgot to mention - namely that good design is also about the people behind the project, the workers. The iTree was only made possible by the right people and in the right place.

iTree docking station photo

Despite being handmade, local, as big as a tree and very high fidelity, the starting price is a modest 11,000 euros, or about US$ 15,000. A turntable option is available. Order yours today at KMKG Studio

And if that is too expensive, a few years ago I showed the iLog.

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