Israelis Go For Falafel Power at Earth Day Celebrations to "Bio" Fuel Concert

falafel oil powered concert earth day israel photo
(Some human pedal power mixed with falafel oil to power up Balkan Beat Box tonight)

This year Israel was caught with its pants down and instead of participating in Earth Hour, which Tel Aviv did so terrifically last year, the country was busy watching an "important" soccer match between Israel and Greece instead. Making good on Earth Day this year tonight Israelis will celebrate with an hour of lights out in cities throughout the country.

The most fun will be a free used falafel oil powered concert, along with some human pedal action, tonight at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv.

As part of the festivities, the Israeli umbrella environment group, Life and the Environment, will hand out their Green Globe awards (for best environment projects in the country), and at the same time hand out the Black Globe. No one wants that of course, but this year the Black Globe goes to Coca Cola in Israel. Guess it's time for corporate powers over here to pony up and help the environment.

For those living in Israel or in nearby Jordan or Egypt, more about Israel's Earth Day events can be found on my locally produced blog Green Prophet.

Falafel Oil and Pedal Powered Concert
Green Globes, Black Globes and More Earth Day Events

Green Prophet, a site I founded in 2007 to report on local issues in Israel and the Middle East, was endorsed this week by the United Nations Environment Programme's head Achim Steiner as a good source of green news about Israel. Steiner says he reads Green Prophet at a speech he gave at Tel Aviv University, says my reporter friend Ehud who was there covering the meeting and Israel's New Green Deal for the Jerusalem Post.

Back to my not-so-humble beginnings at TreeHugger...want to read more about Earth Day and Earth Hour? Of course you do...

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