ISPO SportsDesign Focuses on EcoDesign


"Ecofriendly doesn't have to mean ugly: Good design is one of the keys to bringing together ecology and the economy. This leads to products, systems, infrastructure and services that serve their purpose while requiring a minimum of resources, energy and space. It also reduces waste and the use and emission of hazardous substances. An ecofriendly approach embraces the complete lifecycle of a product."

Sounds pretty good doesn't it? What's even better is that design students can submit, for free, their ecodesigns for all manner of outdoor sports gear from skis to surfboards to backpacks to bikes to climbing hardware and anything in between. There is 5,000 Euro up for grabs for the winner(s). Deadline is 21 December 2007. SportsDesign Award application details here.

Running in concert with the award is the SportsDesign Forum on EcoDesign, a bunch of workshops set down for 29 January 2008, during the Winter ISPO (International Sports Expo), when designers, athletes, leading manufacturers, sports business executives, visionaries as well as scientists and ecological experts will nut out how to apply green design to the sports industry. (Sigh. If only TreeHugger had a travel budget.) ::ISPO SportsDesign, via Dexigner.

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