Islamic Cycling, Space Tourism, Norway by Bike & Ski? Wend Magazine Has It All

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Photos credit: Brian Mohr, Ember Photography, for Wend Magazine

Wend magazine continues to bring together intriguing stories about human powered adventures from around the world. In the current issue, they inform us that in 2010 officials in Isfahan, Iran announced it illegal for women to ride bicycles in the city. Wend contrasts this with a 1896 quote from Susan Anthony, who famously proclaimed that,

"the bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world."

Wend is terrific tome (its digital version being available as free subscription), but they also have an informative online site as well. That's where you'll learn that it's illegal to ride a bicycle in Yellowstone National Park during the winter, though stinky, polluting snowmobiles are just fine!Volume 5 Issue 5 of Wend magazine has a cover story by photographer, Brian Mohr, on his month long pedal-powered skiing adventure in Arctic Norway. Yet for all the exotic majesty of such far flung locations, Brian wonders if maybe he should be looking to his own backyard, Vermont:

"The wild beauty of mountains. The simplicity of living outside. Human-powered adventure. These are all the things we love. But we don't need to be flying across oceans. [...] I want to take things to the next level and do with our adventuring the same things we've been doing with our food, our fuel and our business--and localize it, involving more of our friends, our families and our local habitat instead of leaving these behind."

Here's one or two tasters for that story.

Then there is the humble-pie piece by American slackliner (tightrope walking along a tensioned rope over impressive voids), Jason Magness, who ponders how he managed to transgress the ethical mores of the Scottish rockclimbing fraternity.

wend mag slacklining seastacks photo

Photo credit: Daniel Staudigel, for Wend Magazine

In its ongoing Platform for environmental activists, Wend gives the soapbox to Forrest McCarthy, public lands director for Winter Wildlands Alliance. Forrest has some information that maybe the aforementioned Yellowstone Park Rangers may wish to consider:

"Unfortunately, the majority of snowmobiles out there today are still two-stroke, meaning about one-quarter to one-third of their fuel exits the tailpipe unburned into the snowpack, which becomes drinking water. Two-stroke engines have been banned on all public bodies of water, yet we continue to allow two-stroke snowmobiles to go out unregulated and literally spew millions of gallons of unburned fuel every year into our national forests."

Speaking of pollution, Wend notes that the US government has approved $15 million USD annually for NASA to investigate space tourism, ... before dropping the grim statistic that just 1,000 commercial rocket launches would be equal the annual environment damage caused by our entire aviation industry.

Gear reviews in Wend's Greenery section include: 100% merino socks from Darn Tough, PFOA-free outdoor apparel from Helly Hansen's Ekolab, and RealFleece by Icebreaker.

Oh, and did you catch the video of the BASE Jumpers leaping off Wind Turbines? Wend has the vid.

But don't wait for us to tease out all these gems, go read it for yourself.

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