Is the Sky Falling? Diddy Ditches Private Jet for "Coach" Due to High Fuel Prices

Explicit Language Warning: Diddy's language is probably too colorful for work or your children. You've been warned.

I generally try to stay well clear of anything associated with Diddy (or as the Telegraph insists calling him "Sean Coombs, known as P Diddy"), but I just couldn't resist on this one.

$200,000 Per Trip Price Tag Just Too M****r F*****g High
Apparently the $346 million music star is feeling the pinch of higher energy costs and has issued this video plea for everyone to feel his pain that he now has to fly commercial airlines (in "coach" no less, never mind that he's actually in first class) perhaps get the Saudi's to personally send him some oil, and stop flying his private jet back and forth across the country at a cost of $200,000 each trip.
Now that Diddy's out of the private jet—I won't begrudge him that the reason has nothing to do with going green—perhaps he'd like to buy a carbon offset, or, even better, learn about the joys of rail travel?

I can see the headline now: "Diddy buys personal rail carriage, ushers in a renaissance of the super-rich embracing private train travel." Nothing says bling more than a private carriage lined with sustainably harvested wood paneling, organic fabrics on the chairs and a selection of organic sparkling wines at the bar.

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