Is Prince Charles A Luddite or a Visionary?


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The Prince of Wales has been attacked by Doctors for his views on alternative medicine, MPs for his warnings about genetically modified crops, and perhaps most strongly, by architects. But it is hard to argue with his plea for more environmentally friendly construction, part of a plea for a greener economy, quoted in the Telegraph:

Swallows cannot nest on metal walls, they cannot nest if there are no eaves. It is wrong and immoral not to consider the other species that share this planet. If the swallows and swifts stop coming and nesting on the buildings then I believe there is no point in life any more. It is symbolic, like the albatross. If that becomes extinct then we deserve nothing but reprobation.

Five years ago I would have laughed at such a statement, but I don't anymore. Where do you stand on the Prince? (see all of our posts tagged Prince Charles)