Is Prefab A Greener Way To Build? Join the Debate!

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A few years ago, Chad Ludeman of Postgreen Developments in Philadelphia wrote a guest post on Jetson Green titled Prefab is Not The Answer to Affordable, Modern & Green Homes. I jumped in and disagreed with some, but not all of what he said in Another Opinion; In fact, I had to declare it a tie.

But that was all in text, and it just my opinion. Now, with TreeHuggerLive, we have the technology and opportunity to have a REAL debate, following real debating rules, with Prefab Prima Donna Michelle Kaufmann speaking for the affirmative, while Developer, Builder and prefab critic Chad Ludeman speaks for the negative, with respect to the resolution:

Be It resolved that Prefabrication is a greener way to build.


Credit: Alberta Debating Society

We will try and run this like the real thing, albeit virtual; Michelle, for the affirmative will speak for 5 minutes; Chad, for the negative, will speak for 5.

Then there will be a discussion for 15 minutes or so, where each debater may ask the other questions, the moderator can ask, or questions can be entertained from the floor.

Finally there are the rebuttals, where Chad, the negative, summarizes his arguments. Michelle, for the affirmative, concludes with her rebuttal.

(Why does Michelle get to go first and last? One guide I read says "Experts say that the Affirmative has the hardest job having to prove that the resolution is true, so letting the Affirmative speak first and last makes up for this.)

As in any proper debate there will be three judges; two will be announced next week and the third is you, the audience, by voting in a poll. So join us at 3:30 Eastern, Thursday, May 19 for the first TreeHuggerLive Design Debate!

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